School Mascot: Mavericks
School Colors: Red & White Victory Christian Academy does not currently offers intramural sports but does have biweekly physical education classes.
History of the Maverick
In the mid-eighteen hundreds, a man named Samuel Augustus Maverick was looking for a way to make his fortune in the open lands of Texas. He had learned that, out of the vast ranges, there were thousands of unbranded cattle that had become lost from various herds at one time or another. They had bred and produced thousands of others whose ownership could not be determined.
Maverick decided to begin rounding up these animals, most of whom were anything but tame, and to make up his own herds from them. This work was difficult and exhausting, but Maverick was a man of real grit and determination. He worked tirelessly and was eventually able to accomplish his version of the “American Dream.” The term “maverick”, as described in Webster’s Dictionary, is “a person who refuses to conform and acts independently; a member of a political party who will not toe the party line.”
We at VCA aim and desire to show students that they do not have to be “conformed to this world”, that the status-quo—whether in education of in their Christian lives—need not be enough, and that by their own “grit and determination” coupled with the grace of God—they can have lives of service pleasing to God and truly have “life more abundantly.”