CURRICULUM: Utilizing individualized curriculum, students are motivated to learn in a caring and loving environment. They are tested diagnostically and the curriculum is then tailored to meet each student’s individual needs. Godly character traits are integrated into the curriculum and modeled by our staff in order to produce wise and responsible adults. VCA utilizes the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum.
At A.C.E.,our purpose in providing educational materials goes beyond simply helping students learn the academics required to enter college or get a good job. We desire to build in students a life-long burning passion to learn and grow spiritually. It is one thing to want children to be successful and quite another to provide the academic and character training to ensure this accomplishment.
Character Development
Godly character training is part of the A.C.E. learning experience, and it prepares students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities. Sixty character traits, such as kindness, loyalty, and honesty, are taught within the curriculum. Students can observe character development in the true-to-life character strips and then apply the Godly character lessons to their own lives.
Scriptural Foundation Challenging and highly effective, the A.C.E. program is an extraordinary educational approach, Biblical in its core, that prepares students for tomorrow’s world while giving them traditional moral values that will last a lifetime.
The curriculum conveys Biblical values and concepts considered foundational to meaningful interpersonal relationships and productive learning in such a way as to become life-shaping influences.
Accelerated Christian Education—a unique program for this time in history—is building Godly citizens and Christian leaders of tomorrow. A.C.E. is your servant to meet the educational needs of today, with the traditional values of yesterday, and the technology of tomorrow.
With A.C.E.’s concept of individualized learning, students don’t just get by—they get ahead! To God be the glory!
In the 1960s, many students were not performing at their grade levels. This fact compelled many to question the very structure of the conventional educational system. With the Lord’s guidance, A.C.E. addressed these concerns and designed a Biblically based educational program geared to meet the learning needs of individual children. This unique program consists of mastery-based curriculum and materials that are self-instructional, character building, and individually prescribed.
Whether the student is a high achiever, a moderately paced learner, or a slow learner, the A.C.E. educational process begins at the exact level determined by the child’s ability. This is individualization, making it possible for each student to master the subject matter before moving on. Such mastery is the foundation upon which all future learning is built.
Today, 200 staff members provide training services, curriculum, and materials for an international network of 6,000 schools and thousands of home educators in 128 countries.
Five Laws of Learning
The educational concept of A.C.E. was built on five basic laws of learning:
Students must be at subject levels where they can perform.
Students must set reasonable goals.
Students must be controlled and motivated.
Learning must be measurable.
Learning must be rewarded.
Diagnosis and Prescription
Are your students really mastering basic math, English, social studies, science, and spelling skills? Could there be some learning gaps that have not been identified? A.C.E. diagnostic testing begins with simple concepts and continues through more advanced abstract thinking. Successful completion of this diagnostic testing indicates readiness for high school level curriculum.
A doctor must diagnose a patient’s physical needs before prescribing proper treatment. In much the same way, a student’s academic needs must be diagnosed before proper curriculum can be prescribed. Proper academic diagnosis and prescription is vital to a student’s achievement.
Each student entering the A.C.E. program is given diagnostic tests to determine skill and concept mastery. The diagnostic tests assist the evaluator in determining the student’s academic needs in each subject. After the student completes the diagnostic testing, he is given curriculum that meets and challenges him at his performance level.
Diagnostic placement testing ensures that students begin at the exact point of their academic needs. Additionally, diagnostic testing determines if there are any “learning gaps.” Students can simply fill in the “learning gaps” without the stigma of “failing” a grade or falling behind.
Five academic areas are tested: math, English, social studies, science, and spelling. These tests cover basic skills normally mastered before high school.
If weak areas are evident from the testing, the appropriate gap PACEs are prescribed to strengthen specific weaknesses. After completing the gap PACEs, the student progresses at his performance level. If he demonstrates mastery at all levels of testing, he has the ability to function at his chronological grade level in the high school curriculum.
Individualization helps produce academic excellence. Students using the A.C.E. program continue to demonstrate above-average achievement. One reason is that they take responsibility for their own learning. Additionally, they receive character training in Biblical principles. Moreover, students using the A.C.E. program go on to higher education and into ministry and professional pursuits with confidence and a superb educational background.
Professional Expertise The A.C.E. individualized curriculum has been carefully compiled to introduce children to concrete and abstract reasoning skills at appropriate age levels. A.C.E.’s experienced writers and editors have meticulously chosen grade level vocabulary and concepts that move in a mastery-based format from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract.
Three Levels of Learning The Accelerated Christian Education staff wants children to be successful. But, more than this, A.C.E. provides the tools for training children so they can have the opportunity to be productive. The life of each child is too precious to be left to chance. Consequently, A.C.E. has invested millions of dollars developing a curriculum that can equip children so they will know how to think, act, and live.
A.C.E.’s individualized program introduces children to concrete and abstract reasoning skills at appropriate age levels in conjunction with maturation stages. Writers and editors have carefully developed a scope and sequence with vocabulary that moves from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract as students progress from kindergarten through graduation. This Christian curriculum is structured to include all three levels of the learning process: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.
Knowledge – Before adolescence, children focus on each new concept from a mastery viewpoint—line upon line, precept upon precept; focus is on the who, what, where, and when of information. Educators refer to this information as the knowledge dimension. However, there is development from this stage of learning to cognitive learning.
Understanding – With adolescence, students concentrate on concepts that expand to the abstract or cognitive level; the focus is on why and how. This is referred to as the understanding dimension of life. Students learn not only facts (knowledge) but also how those facts relate to culture, science, and history (understanding).
Wisdom – Another, and perhaps the chief distinctive of the A.C.E. curriculum, is its focus on wisdom. Most curriculum publishers focus on knowledge (facts and information), and some publishers include understanding (relationship of information). Accelerated Christian Education curriculum is distinctive in its inclusion of wisdom as a deliberate aspect of the learning process.
The A.C.E. curriculum is set apart from all other curricula on the market. The special combination of academics and methodology, based on physiological development patterns and Biblical principles, provides mastery learning, critical analysis, conceptualization, cognitive reasoning, and life from God’s perspective. These differences make A.C.E. the most advanced educational package available anywhere in the world.
The A.C.E. staff recognizes that the program and curriculum is God-given. We praise Him for His blessings in meeting the needs of our children one child at a time.
A.C.E. understands the importance of computer technology in training students. The same self-instructional, mastery-based philosophy of our curriculum applies to technology training. Students generate excitement when they actively participate in their education through computer-based learning. A.C.E. offers computer-based learning through online diagnostic testing, Readmaster Plus, video and DVD courses, and aceconnect Technology Training.
Online Diagnostic Tests
The A.C.E. program offers entering students free online diagnostic testing to determine skill and concept mastery. The online diagnostic tests evaluate students, provide immediate scoring, and correlate skills with the scope and sequence for accurate placement in the curriculum.
Readmaster Plus
Readmaster Plus is an educational software suite that enhances students’ educational experiences while challenging their learning. Readmaster Plus offers four distinct computer software programs. Readmaster offers computerized reading programs for all levels to improve reading rate and comprehension. Typemaster teaches computer keyboard skills. Math Builder provides computerized drill and practice in math concepts. Word Builder expands vocabulary skills by challenging the student to evaluate word meanings and spellings. Students are encouraged because they see and experience tangible results.
Technology Training
Computer skills are necessary in today’s world, whether preparing for college or the workplace. To meet this challenge, A.C.E. offers aceconnect Technology Training. Students access interactive virtual instruction that enhances and extends the teaching environment. Learning opportunities include Microsoft® Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems and Microsoft® Office productivity software. Students have access to the courses anywhere at anytime allowing free access to Brainbench exams. Technology Training also offers training in Adobe®Creative Suite® 3 software. Students learn vital skills in digital art and graphic design. Technology Training also offers Rosetta Stone® foreign language curriculum. The Dynamic Immersion™ method takes students inside the new language from the very beginning. Students learn to speak, write, and understand faster than ever before.
A.C.E. continues to provide high-quality multimedia and computer technology to challenge and excite students for enhanced learning.
DVD and Video Support
Video and DVD courses help high-school students visualize the concepts found in their PACEs with personalized instruction, visual and auditory stimulation, character illustrations, and lab experiments.
At A.C.E. we are committed to the parent as well as the student. We believe that a successful education of a child begins with the parent! That’s why we have compiled training materials that will enable parents to implement the Accelerated Christian Education program successfully. The following resources are available for the homeschooling parent in the Quick Start Kit:
Home Educator’s Manual and Activity Pac
A.C.E. Scope and Sequence
Free Online Diagnostic Testing (Paper test kit also available)
Homeschool Record-Keeping Set
Parents are also an integral part of the campus-based school using the A.C.E. curriculum program. Procedures are set in place to provide the parent several avenues of communication with the school staff.
Our Learning to Read students learn through a strong phonic-based education which provides a great foundation of learning in this first year of schooling.
Our 1st through 12th grade students are enrolled into an individualized curriculum which meets the child’s needs and enables them to excel at their own pace. We encourage you to watch the video link and to
explore this page to find out more information about our curriculum.
ACCREDITATION: We feel it beneficial to have “peer review” and analysis from outside sources to help maintain our level of excellence. Therefore, we have sought and earned accreditation by the National Association of Christian Education.
SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS: VCA has been able to meet the needs of numerous “special needs” students. Utilizing our individualized curriculum and individualized instruction, we have been able to successfully “mainstream” them. We have helped students diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, cerebral palsy, and language disorders, among others. Many have been able to compensate for and even overcome their disabilities.